10 Reasons to Give a Bike as a Gift

10 Reasons to Give a Bike as a Gift

Last year, we gave our five-year-old a bike for her birthday. Unfortunately, she’s still not into it very much and hasn’t learned to ride it yet—but I remember not being interested in my bike until I was seven or eight myself, so I’m not too worried. A bicycle can be a wonderful gift, whether for a birthday, a promotion party, or even for new parents expecting a child. Here are 10 good reasons to gift someone a bicycle this year.

10. It’s Eco-Friendly

You’re not going to have to worry about your gift polluting the earth like you might if you gave someone, oh, disposable bibs or a coffee maker with those little single-bundle flavors or something. As a bonus, you could always buy a used bike and clean it up for an even more environmentally friendly ride.

9. It’s a Classic Pastime

It’s like gifting someone a Sinatra record without the misogyny, or eating fresh, hot apple pie after dinner. Bike riding is a tradition that doesn’t hurt anyone, and that can actually continue to be transformed into something better and more meaningful as we age.

8. It’s Big

No neckties or socks from you, my friend! Your gestures are as grand as a—well, a bicycle. And it’s not that gifts have to be big to be good, but it’s still fun to say you gave something that big (especially if the recipient lives in an apartment and has to keep the bike in a really weird place, like the kitchen).

7. It’s Symbolic

It’s as if you are providing your loved one with the gift of joy. Bicycles represent leisure activities, romance, childhood memories. What other gift—other than, perhaps, a little red wagon—can do this much?

6. It’s Economical for You

You can usually afford to give a bicycle, whether you have enough to splurge and buy one new or scrimp together a few dollars to buy a fixer-upper used.

5. It’s Economical for Your Recipient

No batteries, gas, or other doohickeys are required. Other than a tire patch or replacement here and some oil there, this lifetime gift is usually good to go all on it’s own.

4. It’s Personal

You can really create a beautiful personalized gift by choosing select models, colors, and patterns (or even having them done professionally for true personalization), or adding accessories, like spoke accents or even little baskets for terriers to ride in (just kidding; it’s not really advisable to ride a bike with a terrier attached).

3. It’s Healthy

Your gift could be the very thing that helps a friend cope with a health issue, or provides fun exercise for someone who has trouble fitting it into his or her day.

2. It’s Free Transportation

Your friend won’t ever be able to say you bought him or her a car (or maybe you did—what an amazing friend you are!), but he or she could say you provided free transportation anyway.

1. It’s Free Fun!

And who couldn’t use a bit of that these days?