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I have had the opportunity to enjoy short tours on local trails for just a couple of days, and also the around-the-world adventures. I have thoroughly enjoyed both kinds but there are challenges and thrills associated with both of them. Before you choose, I would recommend looking at different aspects of bicycle touring to decide which approach suits you the most. Either way, I can assure you that you are on an exciting and healthy path to exploring the challenging and scenic terrains of the world.

Night Rides in Mexico

Crazy Thursdays

Many nights I’ve seen people go flying off the handlebars, but I’m the only one of our crew to have been bitten by a dog. They bark from rooftops or behind fences. The thinner strays fearfully watch you fly by. When the barkers do chase you, they are usually easy enough to get away from. But one night, furiously pedaling away from four snarling dogs, I felt the sharpness clamp down on my ankle.

Why I wear a helmet

Safety and responsibility in a car-dominated city

Why do I wear a helmet on my bike?

The short answer: because I'm rather attached to my skull.

The longer answer: so one of my friends was talking recently about how if he were going to build his own city, he'd design the roads exclusively for bikes. OK, so maybe there'd be infrastructure in place to allow some kind of ambulance to get around (high-powered medical hovercrafts, anyone?), but for the most part, this would be a bikes-only metropolis. No cars, no traffic, no smog, no accidents. Air pumps and patch kits on every corner, the city would throb with the gentle clicks of people pushing pedals.

Unfortunately, the real cities in the real world are designed for cars. No matter how bike-friendly a major city claims to be, automobiles are still its primary infrastructural focus. The car is the primary concern of the city planner. Pedestrians and cyclists are just afterthoughts, vulnerable little commuters that engineers have to try not to endanger. 

The Best Bicycle Songs

Riding a bicycle is something that some of us take for granted, but it is a fun privilege and a learned skill. Many singers and songwriters have enjoyed the many pleasures of bike riding and have been so inspired by their rides or observing others ride that they composed some fantastic songs from a wide variety of genres about bikes and bicycle riding. 
Perhaps the first song that may come to mind is “Bicycle Built for Two,” an old classic song that was originally released in 1892. It’s charming and will likely bring a big smile to your face. 
Pink Floyd, the psychedelic rock band, recorded a song called “Bike” from their very first album that was titled “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.” It’s both a song with a story and one that’s a bit abstract; the song’s narrator shows a girl his bike as well as a homeless mouse, a cloak, and even some gingerbread men.

Lance Armstrong's Retirement: Biking and Beyond

Lance Armstrong just may be the most famous American cyclist. He has so many accomplishments that they would not fit in one article. Among his accolades are his record wins at the Tour de France. He was a four-time recipient of the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year award and also named four times as the United States Olympic Committee Sportsman of the Year.  

Bike Racing Tips

When a cyclist decides to take on the additional challenge of competing in a race, he takes on a lot of additional responsibilities as well. Whether you are competing as a cyclist as a portion of a triathlon or as a focused cycling race itself, it takes proper preparation and training to safely race the right way. 
You need to follow a training program that gets the go-ahead from your doctor. Don’t simply search for a program online, as anyone can place a training schedule on the Internet that may not be healthy or even thorough enough to prepare you for race day. Look in books or blogs from accredited trainers, established cyclists, or fitness professionals for training programs, or you may opt to join a local training group if you prefer not to cycle alone. Just make sure to first get a full physical to make sure you are in proper health for such a huge endeavor, and clear any program with your health care professional.

Is Recycling Your Used Bike the Right Thing For You?

If you are an avid cyclist, chances are that you will go through more than a few bikes in your lifetime. When you are ready to retire your bike, you don’t want it to just go to the garbage dump. Instead, be kind to the environment and others; recycle the bike, and you may even get a nice tax break for yourself.
Observe the bike that you want to recycle. Does it appear to have any mold or overly dirty areas that make it unusable? Are there any sharp edges on it from wearing and tear or misuse? If those things happen to a bike, it sometimes is unsalvageable. There may be no way to recycle it except perhaps having it sold cheaply for reusable parts.

Celebrities Who Bike

Biking is a fun, eco-friendly way to travel, get things done, burn some poundage and just be with your friends. It’s a great activity for families, couples, or people who want to be alone. So why don’t all of us do it?

Sadly, most of us lead such chaotic lives that we feel like we may not have time to bike where we need to go. And while many people do use public transportation to help the environment, there are still lots of people who have to commute quite a distance for work and need to use a car.

That said, we can all still find some time to bike for fun! These celebrities do, after all…

Miley Cyrus—With Miley’s quirky “save the environment” YouTube series, you know the girl’s gotta have a thing for biking.

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